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Library Fee Policy

Please click HERE to view the District's policy for library fees.




Virtual School Library Checkout Procedure

Library Hours 11:50am - 2:20pm

(909) 947-6774

In need of a library book? We've got you covered!  You can still check out library books during our virtual school.  Here's what to do:

1. Click on the link above to see what books are available in our library.

2. Call the school at (909) 947-6774, and ask for the library OR choose the Zoom Link below to ask in person.  We will check to see if the book is available.

Zoom Library Book Check Out

3. If we have it, we will check it out to you and take it to the front office for you to pickup. It's that easy!!

4. When you've finished your book, return it to the school library drop box outside in front of the office.